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So, you know driving and ready to hit the road? Well, not so quick. When it comes to driving, learning the right way of doing it from the beginning and taking the safety of the driver as well as the fleet is a big responsibility. You simply can’t risk your life and of others. A certified driving school and the instructor are really important. Taking beginner’s or advanced driving training courses is a crucial aspect that should not be ignored.

Importance of driving training courses:

Driving courses are extremely beneficial if you are planning to pursue your career as a driver in Canada. You may or may not know this, but there are more cars on the road and highways are busier than ever. Vehicles are equipped with advanced features and technology and distracted driving can cause life-threatening incidents which no one wants to encounter.

You need core driving skills to drive safely and be effective. Moreover, there are many benefits to complete the driver’s training course.

When can you begin your driver’s training?

You can join an affordable driving school as soon as you turn 16 and you can write the GI test as well. You can get a beginner’s driver’s license and start the training with a (Ministry of Transport Ontario) MTO-approved driving school. A driving school should be MTO approved.

If you have good driving skills and have a driver’s license for years then also you can start the driving course.

Is the GI test important?

Yes, the GI test is important and you need to clear it first to complete the in-car driving lessons. Some driving schools may allow you to take the driver’s training before you clear the GI test, but you can only complete the lessons if you have cleared the GI test so do not take it for granted.

Is it mandatory to join a driving school?

It is not mandatory to join a driving school. By law, it is not important to get a driver’s license, but there are many benefits of joining the driving training courses and it is best to join the ministry-approved course of driving. If you have joined a driving training course and cleared the GI test then you can fast-track the G2 road test in a matter of 8 months which otherwise (without the driver’s training course) will take 12 months time to clear the G2 road test.

What’s the best to be an effective driver?

Learning to drive and learning to drive effectively are two different things. Joining an affordable driving school is definitely a wise decision. You will learn the technicalities of driving and get comfortable with driving. You will be able to take a gradual approach when it comes to driving and you will master all the important driving skills.

You will be aware of the driving issues and situations that you may not understand otherwise. You get to know about defensive driving and develop skills that you lag. You will be aware of the new and real situations that drivers face and in case you have some driving habits, then that can be eliminated too. You can work to become a better driver each day.

A good driving school approved of MTO provides awareness regarding the driving issues and gives driving instructions that the Ontario Government approves. When you get insurance, you will be able to save money as well.

Conclusion: Drive 24/7 has a faculty of high-quality and experienced driving instructors who will not just help you acquire effective driving skills, but help you gain the confidence to drive safely and manage driving issues smoothly.  Call us now to enroll for the driving course and be a safe as well as a terrific driver who is ready to hit the road with great driving skills.

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