Ministry approved driving school


Learning to drive a vehicle can be one of the most tedious tasks if you have not chosen the right driving school. The school should not only teach you the rules but also help you understand the responsibility and prepare you to become a safe driver.

The driving schools which are government-approved and registered have the authority to get you a license from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). If you are a teen or a student, you can get an MTO-approved G Driver Educational course for free or at discounts. Isn’t that just amazing?

MTO approved driving schools need to have certain standards:

  • In-vehicle training for at least 40+ hours.
  • General management services
  • Advertising excellence

Choosing a driving school

Ministry approved driving schoolEvery driving school is not approved by the ministry. You need to exclusively lookout for ads that specify “MTO approved driving schools”. Hence these are the basic features to look for:

  • You must check for the Ministry-approved beginner driving educational courses to learn the important aspects of driving precisely.
  • You can ask your friends and relatives for driving schools around you which are feasible as well as closer to your neighborhood.
  • It is recommended to pre-visit your instructor or trainer before you begin your classes or behind-the-wheel training.
  • Also, make sure that your driving school is not on the list of ‘revoked driving schools’ for a particular area.

Once the in-vehicle training is completed, the instructor will give you a copy of the driver’s license and will also help in providing your registration information to the Ministry of Transportation.

In-class training and instructions

Let us take a look at some of the basic classroom instructions to be followed by the school:

  • Each class instructor cannot have more than 40 students. On average every class has around 24-25 students.
  • Every student must attain a course textbook on the first day of training. Driver’s Handbook must be provided before and after the course is completed.
  • If each and every student passes the test legitimately, then he/she is ready for the G Driver Educational course.
  • Zestful on-screen visuals for an interactive driving experience.
  • Collision-avoidance training must be provided before and after the course.

The driving which offers Ministry-approved beginner driver education needs to at least 10 hours of in-vehicle training followed by these services:

  • The instructor’s license must be displayed on the vehicle during training sessions.
  • A maximum of 2 hours of in-vehicle training is permitted.
  • In-vehicle training should not exceed 1 year. It might affect the license registration process.
  • Every vehicle can have only two students trained by a single instructor.
  • Prior to your registration, make sure they have a flexible ‘10-hour’ course.


These are the insights on how a ministry approved driving school works. Once a student successfully completes their course, he/she will get certified online. The student’s record will be updated to the books of ‘Ministry of Transportation’ and will prove that you have completed the course without any backlogs.

Drive 24/7 ensures that all students get correct information on driving and trained to be safe drivers. The experienced trainers work with the students and help them understand every aspect of the driving course precisely. If you are also interested to become a responsible and high-class driver then contact our company today for more details.